What are Kayaks?

father and son on the kayakKayaks are small and slim boats that are usually paddled by one or two people. Considering the small size, there is limited space for people.

Kayaks might seem very similar to canoes. They are different, however.

Kayaks are most popularly known as the sport equipment that they are.

Kayaking is a major sport also.

In addition to the aquatic races, kayaks are used in various other sports as well.

There are different types of kayaks categorized by their designs and usages.

Broadly, the kayaks are classified as: surf play kayaks, fishing kayaks, leisure kayaks and touring kayaks (often also known as ocean kayaks).

The design of a kayak signifies the purpose it serves.

Leisure Kayaks

Leisure kayaks are light in weight and easily maneuverable. Thus, making it easy for beginners.

It is important to note that although the leisure kayaks are light, they are durable enough to withstand all the weather conditions.

These kayaks usually have two cockpits thereby accommodating two people making it safe at a beginner level.

Ocean Kayaks

The ocean kayaks, also known as touring kayaks, are designed for longer journeys.

Therefore, they have compartments for storage – space that can store food and supplies, enough for two to three days – in addition to the cockpit.

These kayaks have stronger build so that they can withstand tougher conditions in the violent waters.

Fishing Kayaks

As the name might suggest, these kayaks are used for fishing.

They are narrower and sleeker in design to enable the occupant to maneuver into spaces that are tighter.

There are two major designs for the fishing kayaks.

One, the occupant sits on top and two, there is a cockpit. In the former design, the occupant is free to move, and is more suitable for warm waters, while the latter is suitable for shallow waters that have stronger currents.

Both of these designs have their own set of pros and cons and to buy the one that suits you best, it is advisable that the buyer discusses with the dealer first.

Kayaks may seem similar to canoes at first, but there is a difference in design between the two.

In kayaks, the paddler sits facing forward, with his legs forward as well and uses a two bladed paddle.

On the other hand, a canoe paddler sits facing forward but in a kneeling posture and uses a single bladed paddle.

The kayaks were first designed for hunting purposes as a hunting vessel, but over time these boats have become extremely popular in the field of aquatic recreation and sports; some of these sport types have also been inducted in the Olympic games.

The modern kayak designing makes use of Computer Aided Designs (CAD) and are more accurate than manual designs that were done earlier.

The computer designed kayaks have better features functionality that justifies the fact that kayaks have found their utility in diverse fields today.

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