Plastic Kayaks Vs. Composite Kayaks

Nowadays, there are many kinds of kayak are being sold on the market with full of models and prices, ranging from a hundred to thousands of dollars.

This gives people more choices, but also leads to the confusion of buying the best kayaks.

The price of a kayak depends on two main factors. The first one is accessories that are added to the boat. The second and the most important one is which material that kayak made from.

What is the difference between a cheap kayak made from plastic and an expensive one made from fiberglass? How do those differences affect the price?

All of these questions are going to be answered in this article.

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Different Materials for Different Kayaking Activities

Yes, of course, each sport requires specialized pieces of equipment and kayaking is not an exception.

Choosing the best kayak for yourself is not easy at all because it depends on the kind of activity you’re going to participate in.

For whitewater kayaking, recreational kayaking, and most of the other forms of kayaking, the answer is simple, pick a plastic kayak.

The best benefits of choosing a plastic kayak are: Its provides high durability, and more important is it’s much cheaper than the composite one.

On the other hand, if you’re going to join sea kayaking or kayak touring, there are plenty other options such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar or even wooden kayak.

At the same price, kayaks made from those materials are less durable than the plastic ones. But, they are are more delicate, lighter, faster. Usually, they are more expensive.

Another factor influencing your choice for a kayak is the terrain/environment.

For example, If you paddle on rocky beaches or on some water areas that might cause damage to your kayak, then choose a plastic kayak instead of a fiberglass one.

And there is a tip you must know is that you should prepare a good kayak carrier and roof rack to protect your composite kayak when moving it on the ground.

What Kayak Should I Buy?

As we mentioned earlier, the primary factor that affects the price of the kayak is the material.

Most people decide to buy a plastic kayak instead of a fiberglass one because it just costs a lot less money.

Most people don’t know what they want from a kayak until they use them.

So, if you’re beginners, I recommend buying a plastic kayak. It will be a waste if you pay thousands of dollars for a brand-new fiberglass kayak when you don’t actually know whether it suits your paddling style or not.

You might feel happy at first with a brand new shiny kayak, but later you will want to sell it and get back half of the money.

If you have already joined a kayaking club and figured out what you need, then don’t hesitate, go ahead and buy your dreaming kayak.

Next recommendation is for buying a second-hand kayak.

Buying a used kayak always a good deal.

Firstly, second-hand kayak keeps its value. Secondly, after experiencing kayaking for a while with the used one and figureing out what you want in the next kayak, you can resell the old one for the same price you bought it or even higher, and buy a better one.

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