What is Ocean Kayak?

No other combination of man and nature can match the beauty of an ocean kayak splicing through an endless expanse of crystal clear water.

Nowhere else can you feel so connected to the world and so detached from it too.

When you put your kayak to water and climb in, a new adventure begins.

Ocean kayaks are a great way to explore while on vacation, to supplement a regular exercise program, or to get closer to nature.

Many fishermen appreciate the quiet approach of an ocean kayak, its ease of transport, and how well it angles into places too small for a motorized boat.

Water sport enthusiasts will enjoy the speed and accuracy of an aerodynamic kayak which cuts quickly across even choppy waters.

Ocean kayaking also provides a great low-impact upper body workout.

Nature lovers will delight in the smooth ride offered by their ocean kayak; you will have a chance to explore waters and shores not accessible by any other means, and the smooth, silent ride makes it easy to observe and photograph local wildlife.

While every beginner should take their first ocean kayak trip with a more experienced mentor, kayaking is easy to learn–especially for people that already have canoe or lake kayak experience.

You can purchase a single or tandem kayak.

The tandem is perfect for lessons, but you may choose to go your first ride alone with your mentor paddling alongside instead of behind you.

The two-person capacity of ocean kayaks also allows experienced kayakers to ride along with inexperienced or weak passengers, making them ideal for couples and families.

The greater size of an ocean kayak also makes it ideal for longer outings because you have more cargo space; generally enough to bring the supplies necessary to camp out for several nights.

Kayakers that want to camp even longer can purchase special expedition-style kayaks designed to carry larger, heavier loads.

There are many reasons to want an ocean kayak, and ocean kayaks can be custom-made or outfitted to fulfill each person’s specific wants and needs.

These days, ocean kayak models for fishing, recreation and families are common.

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