Best Tips for Kayaking with Your Kids

Kayaking is defined as an outdoor activity in which kayak is used for moving and sliding across the water. Kayak is a watercraft which is small and narrow in size and it is propelled by a double padded paddle. The kayak comprise of one or number cockpit but cockpit in kayak is covered, so that the inside of the cockpit is not visible from above. Each cockpit can only accommodate a single person at a time .Kayak consists of spray a deck that avoids the water from entering into the kayak and it allows the rolling of the kayak into the water to capsize the kayak and which prevents the water to enter while rolling the kayak.

kayaking with kids

Kayaking is sometimes considered as canoeing, but both of them are a totally different concept. In canoeing a canoe is employed while in kayaking a kayak is employed. Kayaking is considered for sport competitions due to its sleek design and compact body. Kayaking is an amazing outdoor activity and can be enjoyed in the company of family and kids.

Things That Are Must Before Enjoying Kayaking With Your Kids

There are various points that are a must before starting the journey of kayaking with kids and those points are:


Experience is a very important thing before indulging for kayaking with kids. As the adult should certainly have experience of kayaking because kayaking is a serious water physical adventure and may lead to serious injuries and even death. So it is mandatory that the adult have some experience regarding kayaking before having a journey with the kids. If adult have sufficient experience they can teach their kids kayaking so both the parent and the kid can have separate kayaks to enjoy the adventure.

Kayaking and swimming lessons

The adult should certainly have kayaking and swimming skills so that they can enjoy kayaking. They should enroll their kids for kayaking and swimming lessons before the kayaking adventure because of both these skills are necessary for the journey of kayaking. If sufficient time is not there they should enroll the kids for only swimming lessons because swimming is a must for kayaking.


Safety must the priority while indulging with kids for kayaking because there is nothing more important than the safety of the kids. So before kayaking one must have first aid kids for safety purposes. Make sure that the kids are wear appropriate life jackets, the life jackets are padded to provide head support so that when they are in water the head is above the water level so that they can breathe. If you are kayaking in a hot weather you must ensure that you are carrying sun block cream with you as you don’t want the kids to get a sunburn and the sun cream also helps protection against UV radiations from the sun. If you are kayaking in a cold weather ensure that you have sufficient clothing and equipment to prevent cold and hypothermia. You must also carry equipment such as food, water, map, torch, and flares.

Check the weather

Before starting the journey of kayaking one must check the local weather of the place so that the weather is favorable for kayaking. It is a must because kayaking in bad weather can lead to serious injuries and can cause death. So always check on the weather before indulging in kayaking.

Choosing a kayak for you and your kids

Kayak is a watercraft which is narrow and small in size and is used for movement over the water surface.

There are various types of kayaks to choose from, but you need the perfect kayak for your application. An efficient and comfortable kayak is necessary because you would be accommodating kids.

There are various types of kayaks such as:

Sit-on top kayaks

This type of kayak is open from the above and does not have a close cockpit. So the in and out movement from the kayak is pretty easy. But the paddlers are probable to get wet in most of the cases. This type of kayak is good for fishing purposes.

Recreational kayaks

These kayaks have smaller cockpit but is large enough to accommodate a child there with you. They are around 10 feet or less. They have a nice feature that it can be used for both in summers and winters as in summer the pit can be opened to feel the breeze and in winter the cockpit can be used using the skirt of the kayak. These kayak are cheaper and are due to its small size they can be stored easily.

Touring kayaks

These type of kayaks are quite longer about 12 feet or more. These kayaks are narrow in structure so that they are very fast while moving across the water. Touring kayaks are expensive and are more difficult to travel with and store due to the length of the kayak.


Creekboats are also known as creekers and they have a length of about 8 feet. The volume of the cockpit is sufficient so that the paddler can resurface easily. These are comfortable and are quite heavy.

Old school kayaks

These are the kayaks which were manufactured in 80’s and the 90’s. These are usually the old boat having a considerable length of about 12 feet or more. These are sturdy in nature and are also quite heavy. The disadvantage of these kayaks are that the cockpit are small and uncomfortable as compared to the new kayaks that provide large comfortable cockpit for the paddler. And the large cockpit is a better option for safety purposes.

Inflatable kayaks

These inflatable kayaks are the whitewater inflatable kayaks which are very wide and comfortable. Due to a lot of pace in the kayak it can contain extra accessories. These kayaks are stable due to the wide structure. The best feature about these kayaks are they are easy to use and these are usually rented out by many companies for kayaking. The only disadvantage of these kayaks are that they are not so good in the rivers having various tight turns.

How to choose a great kayaking destination?

The selection of a kayaking destination is very important to enjoy a kayaking experience. While choosing a kayaking destination following of the points should be considered:

Water current

Basically the water current is the speed of the water surface. Well, a destination should be avoided having high intensity of water current because you are kayaking with your kids and high currents are risky. High water current are only preferred if both the parent and the kid have a lot of experience in kayaking if not, a destination should be used having calm water for the safety purposes.


Selection of a kayaking destination totally depends upon the weather of the destination. If the weather of the chosen destination is unfit for kayaking then you should another destination because kayaking in an unfavorable conditions may lead to serious injuries or may even lead to death.

Resting spots

You should always consider the destination for kayaking having resting spots between the journeys because kids are less immune to fatigue and they would necessarily require rest in between. So always choose resting spots so that you and your kids can relax and can have a little picnic time.

What essentials to carry before kayaking with your kids?

Kayaking is an adventurous experience and the thing about adventure is it is unpredictable. So one should carry the following necessities:


Before kayaking one should always carry a sufficient supply of drinking water because it is not necessary that fresh water will be available throughout the journey and the mostly the water over which kayaking takes place is salty. So it is a must to carry before kayaking.


Before kayaking one should carry something to eat such as protein bars and other nutritional bars for an emergency case. Kayaking is an adventurous and anything can happen so it is always a better option to carry something to eat just in case.

First aid kit

One should always carry a first aid kid with themselves before the start of the journey. The kids are naughty in nature and they tend up to get hurt physically, in that case, first aid kit will be very beneficial and on an adventure, mishaps can take place so one should always be prepared. As there is a saying wish for the best and prepare for the worst.


Other necessary items such as torch, knife, compass, dry bag for phones and clothes should be carried before kayaking. All these items will turn out to be of great importance if any mishap occurs.

So kayaking can be a great experience and all it requires is a little bit of awareness and knowledge. For making kayaking a great and amazing journey with your kids the above mentioned points should be considered. The most important thing is the safety of the kids, so the parents should always carry the necessities and first aid kid with them before the beginning of the journey.

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