What To Do When Your Gets Kayak Flipped Over

In every whitewater kayaking trip, paddling on rough water might cause the kayak flip over.

Therefore, practicing this situation before it actually happens is absolutely necessary.

In this article, we will show you all of steps to get out of the tucked position when you’re in underwater so that you can decide either wet-exit or roll back up later.

kayak flips over

Difficulty: Medium


  • Time: It takes about 5 minutes for every practice.
  • All of your kayak gears
  • Earplugs and/or Noseplugs
  • A friend or an experienced kayaker

What To Do When My Kayak Gets Flipped Over?

First, you’re gonna need a spotter (experienced kayaker) standing right next to your boat. He will assist you in case you need help to wet-exit the kayak.

Second, keep the paddler in front of you, then lean to one side and flip over. You might need to wear ear plugs and nose plugs when practicing. This help prevents water from getting into your ears and nose.

Third, once your upper body is under water, keep the paddle close to your body then lean forward. Remember to keep the head as close to the kayak as you can, this protects you from directly hit by any rock while traveling underneath the water.

After all of that, you have completed the first stage of implementing other techniques.

Then, you must decide what to do next.

While are in tucked position, there are several options such as wet-exit, flip over again by roll the kayak or buddy-roll.


  1. DO NOT panic! This is very important. While you are upside-down, remain calm to get comfortable and acclimate so that you can handle the situation.
  2. Practice with full of your gears will be much easier for beginners.

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