What Are Some Kinds of Inflatable Boats?

Great idea! They are so much easier to use and more affordable than a regular boat. Read on to find out which type will best fit with your recreational activities!

First, there are four basic types of inflatable boats. These are: Inflatable rafts, inflatable kayaks, inflatable catamaran kayaks, and inflatable sailboats.

Second, all inflatable boats have different working air pressures.

Inflatable Boats

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As a general rule, the higher working air pressure, the more durable, versatile and expensive the boat will be.

A low pressure boat is one that has a soft side to it.

In contrast, a high pressure boat has a solid side to it and is made up of a variety of fabrics that are measured by how thick the composite material is.

The higher the number, the thicker the material is.

Here are some general recommendations on what type of inflatable craft a person should get; depending on what uses you will be doing with it.

I own two (a large high pressure inflatable kayak and a medium sized low pressure inflatable raft) and have used all the others, if this makes you feel any better!

For the solo floater who wants a boat that will work under all weather conditions and is capable of running through Class IV whitewater and be used for extended float trips, then I recommend either the Sea Eagle 380x Inflatable Kayak or the Sea Eagle 435 Inflatable Catamaran Kayak. Both can be used in all weather conditions, make fine fishing platforms, are exceptionally durable and are rated for Class IV whitewater. Whether you want the kayak or catamaran kayak version really depends on your budget and your particular needs.

For the solo floater who is on a limited budget who needs a boat for floating rivers of Class III whitewater or less during warmer weather, then I would recommend either the Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak or the Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Raft.  Both of these boats are high quality and will work excellent for warmer weather floating and mild to moderate whitewater.

For group floats, where you will have lots of people in the boat, then you have one of two choices.  For those of you on a budget, I would go with a Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Raft. The raft has a capacity of 1000 pounds and fits 3 people plus gear comfortably or 5 people without gear if you really like each other. This raft is rated for Class III whitewater but cannot be used in sub-freezing weather.

For ocean use or lake fishing by larger parties with an outboard motor (for all weather conditions), I would recommend one of the Sea Eagle Sport Boats. These boats are ideal for use in the ocean or for fishing on larger lakes with a powerful outboard motor.  These boats also work well if you happen to have a yacht, too, and you need a portable boat to reach it.

For large group river floats, then you will want a traditional whitewater raft.  There are quite a few to choose from.  Which one you should choose really depends on the size and features you require, all the boats are high quality.

Well, hopefully this guide has provided an education about what an inflatable boat is, what they are used for, where you can use them. For outdoor people, these crafts are endless fun.

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