Instant Guide to Paddling A Kayaks Properly With Ease (Guaranteed)

Surfing on the water bodies has been one of the favorite kind of sport of many people. There are some enthusiastic surfers who like to try something adventurous once in a while. Water sports are not something new in today’s world and is gaining an immense amount of popularity with the passage of time.

One such sport is Kayak surfing which has now become a favorite pass time for many people. But just like any other sports activity, if you are interested in trying kayak surfing then it is important to have proper knowledge in respect to the techniques required for paddling the kayaks forward in the high-speed currents of the river bodies.

paddling kayaks

If you are aware as to how to properly handle the paddles of a specific type of kayak then it will help you to control it as you want. The main objective of this article is to make the readers well-versed with the different types of techniques which can be put to use for controlling the kayak’s paddles.

Maintain a proper posture while paddling on a kayak

To control the kayak just like the way you want to, it becomes essential to maintain a proper or accurate body posture while seating in it. The body posture ensures that the rider enjoys a comfortable ride inside the kayak and as such reduces the chances of any sort of a backache or pain from occurring.

In order to find out what posture is the best suited for you while surfing on a kayak, refer to the following points:-

  • Position the kayak perfectly:- All the accessories of the kayak should be properly adjusted like the seats, outfittings and foot braces.
  • Sit in the kayak:- Fit your legs inside the cockpit of the kayak and then comfortably place your back region on the seat.
  • Rest your back:- While getting in the kayak the most important thing to do is sit in the perfect manner and to position the backrest perfectly.
  • Start the cruise:- Once you are completely settled in the kayak the only thing left to do is paddle it and start the ride.

The Perfect Paddling Guide For Beginners

paddling a kayak

For those of you who are planning to take a ride on specially designed kayaks, one thing which you should keep in mind is in respect to the methods or techniques that will help you to paddle the kayak forward and backward.

Although at first, it may seem to be quite easy when others are doing it, when you have to handle the kayaks all by yourself then it may create a lot of problems.

Now with the help of several online websites, even a beginner can easily get to learn as to how can one properly control or paddle the kayaks.

One of the thing which holds great significance in this respect is the way in which you are holding the kayak’s paddles.

Just like the correct body posture, holding the paddles will ensure that you do not get hurt while traveling in a kayak.

While handling the paddles you should use both the hands.

There is the need to maintain perfect grip while holding onto the paddles.

The distance between your hands and the blades should be at equal length.

Before taking your kayak on the final voyage it is better to practice for a while to make sure that you do have proper knowledge of all the techniques.

Get yourself acquainted with some of the important strokes:

If you are thinking that just by knowing about how to handle the paddles correctly will make you a professional kayaker then you are wrong.

It is just the beginning; there are other essential aspects which needs to be considered too.

For instance, you should get yourself properly familiar with the different types of strokes that can be tried while traveling in the kayak.

Some of these stroke types are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Reverse stroke: If you get stuck in some kind of a creek where there is no adequate space for turning back the kayak, this reverse stroke can prove to be quite beneficial. It is used for propelling your kayak in the rearward direction. The blades of the paddle need to be immersed in the water and you need to position your torso in the opposite direction. The movement of the paddle should be parallel to that of the kayak. One thing to do is while performing this stroke you the kayaker needs to accurately position his/her elbow which will ensure that no harm or injuries happen to the shoulder region.
  • Forward stroke: With the help of this particular type of stroke you will be able to keep your kayak in the forward direction. Forward strokes are one of the most common types of strokes which every kayaker uses for traveling through the fast-paced water currents in the river. Both your arms as well as legs play an important role when practicing this stroke. The kayaker also needs to improvise their grip to have proper control over the movements of the paddle that will thereby monitor the movement of the kayak.
  • Draw stroke: Moving forward and backward with the help of different strokes is considered to be the easy part. The real trouble starts when you want to turn the kayak in the sideways direction. Not to worry because there is one more type of stroke which can help you out in this situation. This particular type of stroke is known as draw stroke. You need to rotate or turn your whole body in the direction which you want to go in. The paddle should be positioned vertically and the blades should be immersed inside the water. Make sure that the blades of the paddle do not smack the side section of your kayak.
  • Sweep stroke: In order to turn the whole kayak around at an instance you need to be familiar with the sweep stroke. At times, the kayaker may want to perform a rescue operation or simply just wants to get some shade from the sun or protection from the fast blowing winds. As such, there is the need to turn around the kayak in the opposite direction for which sweep stroker is considered to be the best option. The paddles need to be swept in the opposite direction which you wish to go.

To gain more knowledge on the subject of various types of strokes and the perfect manner to handle the paddles of a kayak, you can visit this blogpost.

Information regarding all the aspects related to a kayak will be provided to the readers in a simple yet effective language.

You can also rely upon various other sources of information but an online website, just like the one mentioned above, still stays on top of the list when it comes to offering authentic and factual knowledge regarding any topic.

Such information is presented in front of the readers after careful consideration and research.

Various sources are used for collection of the data required for the preparation of these informative articles.

It’s time for you to become a professional kayaker!

At first, most people think that there is nothing complicated about learning as to how can one ride a boat or travel in a kayak. But when they are asked to perform a ride on their own without taking any sort of professional help, that’s the time when they seem to face the real challenge. There are quite a lot of different things which may seem to be simple at first but the more you start to know about them the more they become complex. Same can be said for in the case of kayaks. No matter how small these water transport or boats look like, becoming a professional kayaker is no easy task at all.

A slight mistake can put your life in grave danger and can also result in some kind of mishap. So, it is better to get au fait with the proper set of techniques or methods which can come in hand while traveling inside a kayak. Firstly, there is the need to learn about the various types of strokes which you can perform in order to have full control over the movements of the kayak. In this way, you can take it forward, backward and even turn it sideways, only if you have suitable knowledge about the different forms of strokes.

The next thing to do in the list is to learn the techniques of holding the paddles of a kayak flawlessly. Just like when swimming you use your hands to move forth and back in the water, these paddles are used for pushing the kayak in a certain direction as the kayaker wishes to. There are different styles of kayak available in the stores nowadays, single sitter, double sitter, etc. You can take your kids along with you for a wonderful ride in the double sitter kayak and enjoy the fun.

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