Why People Are Getting Into Buying Inflatable Kayaks A Lot More Than Ever!

People are really getting into inflatable kayaks, around the world they are becoming very popular recreational sport vehicles.

Why is this you may wonder?

First, an Inflatable Kayak, or Ducky, is stable and easy to master.

Just about anyone can hop in one of these and learn in one day.

A two person (tandem) inflatable is a safer way to take a whitewater newbie through rapids.

Because they are soft and bailing they are fairly easy to get back into. These kayaks are a perfect way to introduce kids to whitewater rafting.

These inflatables appeal to those outdoor lovers.

An inflatable kayak rolls up quickly into a light, compact bundle.

The convenience of this alone makes them tempting, but there’s more.

Duckies are easily carried on a plane, or in a raft. They can be stored safely in a car trunk, there is no need for a roof rack.

In short, you can take them anywhere!

But how hard are they to inflate you ask?

They inflate quickly with 12 volt blower or old vacuum cleaner.  And most are self-bailing which saves you the trouble.

More perks?

You can use your inflatable kayak as a mattress when you’re sleeping outdoors, it’s a lot more comfortable than the ground.

Also think about how much lighter an inflatable boat is than a hard boat.

These boats can also be used in the ocean.

They are fantastic for surfing, since they are soft they don’t irritate traditional surfers as much as hard kayaks.

They also make great dive boat, dingy or yacht tenders which is another great convenience. 

They excel when it comes to fishing.

They are also very durable and are quite affordable in comparison to other fishing boats.

An inflatable is quieter than a canoe, and more stable.

We all know how easily fish are disturbed which makes this a great boat for fishing with your kids.

And a good quality inflatable is not easily punctured by hooks.

So there is no need to worry there.

In my opinion, if you’re on a budget and need wide versatility in your fishing boat, inflatable kayaks are an excellent choice.

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