How To Pick The Right Clothing For Your Kayaking Trips

World is a box of uncertainties and the most mysterious ones are the most enjoyable. It is not a wonder that your heart craves for adventure as its one of the inbuilt instincts in the human psychology. When you talk about adventure the first thing which captures your attention is the bottomless sea, which itself is a house of mysteries.

There are thousands of ways of exploring its vast secrets and reveling in one of the most precious gifts of nature. But among all of them, kayaking is the only thing which lets you experience the power of the bottomless and revive the fear of nature in your brave heart.

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Importance of right clothing on a kayaking trip

Clothing becomes a vital issue when you are going out for a sport which is adventurous no doubt, but involves threat to life if you commit the slightest mistake. There are many things which may happen to you and among them capsizing of the kayak is the most dangerous. It depends on the season and the atmosphere where you are planning to row your kayak. In case of a capsizing accident, you will have to swim and whether you would be successful or not depends on what you wear. So in a way, clothes become more than your tool, but behold my dear! In this case, your clothes are your biggest tools! They may save you or you may end up at the bottom of the water body. Before setting out on such a venture make sure that you have the right equipments, and most importantly, right wearable.

What to wear on a kayaking trip?

This is not a normal question, but is more then vital if you want to return safely to your haven. It is known to everyone that while out for kayaking, you have to dress according to the weather. The dress should be in a way that is in coordination with the weather but does not ignore the fact that you are going to get down in water and in the event of capsizing of the boat you will have to swim on your own. Here are some suggestions depending on the weather which you need to keep in view while dressing for a kayaking trip.

Warm conditions

If the region where you are planning to kayak has warm conditions like warm weather water and weather then dressing becomes very simple. Kayaking requires good swimming skills and your clothes should facilitate your body movements. Anything restricting your free movement may prove lethal and may pose a big problem in the event of action. While dressing for kayaking in warm conditions, your main concern is to stay hydrated, protection from sun and maintenance of coolness in the skin. In case of absence of any of these it won’t be a wonder of you faint and become the reason of capsizing of your vehicle. Your basic requirements here are hat and sunscreen. Hat will shield you from direct heating of your head and prevent loss of water from your body. You would be able to sustain for longer time in water and enjoy the sport more. If you want to avoid sunburns, sunscreen becomes essential and the notable part is if you want to maintain the whiteness of your skin and avoid tanning, sunscreen is your only solution. One of the most important parts of your dressing is sunglasses and something to tie them if you don’t want to lose then in the middle of the trip. Glare of the water caused by the sun is a major problem and can be taken care of by good sunglasses which will make sure that the glare does not blind you and there is no wanted happening. Covering up is also a good idea and you may sport a light full sleeved top accompanied by water shoes and surf shots in the bottom. This will be fashionable as well as protecting too.

Cold water accompanied by warm weather

This is contradictory weather condition and will make the selection of clothing more difficult. Even on the hottest day, when the wind is sufficient to roast you, cold water can end your game. The biggest problem in such a condition is that if you have to swim and come in contact with the water, the coldness in the fluid is sufficient to suck heat out of your warm blood. You may get hypothermia or fever and may end up shivering in bed. The kayak with sit inside mode will be the best as it does not let you to come in contact with water while a paddling sit on top kayak, it is definite that your lower portion will get wet. The sit inside kayak will not only protect you from water, but will make sure that the wind does not victimize you. But the paradox factor here is that, in case you topple from the boat, a paddle from the top kayak is easy to get in back while a sit-inside kayak is difficult to climb back and may result in increased contact time with cold water which is definitely lethal. So choose according to your abilities and till what extent your body can sustain.

Close shore kayaking and off shore kayaking

While out in the water, the best plan is to prevent capsizing of your vessel. This is possible if you choose to avoid high wind areas and heavy waves which are ready to engulf you along with your fishing kayak. If you seek for some adventure and are thinking of taking a narrow sea kayak in cold water, then professional instruction is must for your protection. Well, what you paddle, the best choice is to go for a near to shore course which involves minimal risk. In case your vehicle flips, all you will have to do is to swim back to the beach while your buddies bring your equipment back. Avoid losing their precious company which may be a life- saving factor in the event of requirement. If you go as per the advice and select an easy to commute by swimming location, again the importance of clothing can’t be ignored. Imagine if you catch cold while swimming to the shore or your hands freeze due to excessive cold. To kill the probability of such incident wear warm clothing which will keep you compact and heated even in the water. For this a neoprene wet suit is the best option in the market. What is does is commendable and worth appreciation. You would be surprised to know that it insulates your clothing from the wetness once you are drenched which retains the body heat. Moreover, it never creates hindrance in paddling and is more comfortable than it can be described in words.

Cold conditions

When the air around you is cold and so is the water, one thing you must carve in your brain is that paddling in such extreme conditions is not good for everyone. There are various threats lurking around like hypothermia which is sufficient to kill you. Cold does not suit everyone and if you want to kayak in this weather, you need something which does not let your body experience the chill even if your clothes are drenched. Here are the suggestions in various categories-


Polypropylene, fleece and neoprene is one of the clever selections for this season. It will be better of you choose thinner layers and sport many clothes than wear a single thick clothing. You can also go for wool despite the fact that it takes a good lot of time to dry and becomes heavy after getting wet. Using cotton should be avoided in cold climates for kayaking purposes as instead of keeping you warm, it pulls heat from your body as the fabric gets wet. This leads to cooling of your body at a faster rate than it was supposed to be.

Tops and bottoms for paddling

Having an outer shell over the top is a necessity to keep away the chill of the wind. A simple nylon pant and jacket would be okay but it’s advised to carry more specialized equipments for activities like kayaking which can become a question of survival. Such a kit can found at your local store which will contain paddling bottoms and tops specifically designed to be used for kayaking. For covering feet, neoprene is the best and booties ad socks made of neoprene will keep your feet warm which is the most important part if you want to be safe from hypothermia.

Dry suits

They play vital role in keeping your body safe from exposure to water by blocking it at various places from where it may seep in. They are somewhat expensive but the task they carry out justifies the price.

Kayaking is one of the best water sports but it will be wise to enjoy it with right dressing. Dress right and have a happy kayaking experience!

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