Complete Guide to Buying Used Kayaks (15+ Tips Included)

Whether you’re brand-new to kayaking or a skilled pro at this sport, acquiring a kayak could usually imply doing a bit of research study. However, with a used kayak there are additional variables to bear in mind.

We will help assist you via the process of purchasing a used kayak and let you recognize what you should watch out for before you seal the offer.

buying used kayaks

The Main Kinds of Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing (or angling) kayaks unsurprisingly have a lot more storeroom than a lot of various other kayaks, to permit all your fishing gear to store.

They come in both Sit-On-Top and Sit-Inside designs, so it’s to individual preference which is much better.

Angling kayaks will typically have trolling engines or various other accessories, like GPS or fish finders, placed to them.

They can be designed with the ability to move in mind, so they tend to be shorter and a lot more secure.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks are ideal if you have actually limited room and are looking for an informal use kayak.

They can be quickly inflated, typically with a foot pump, and they are not as lightweight as they might appear.

The majority of them are very long lasting, and several of them also have difficult puncture resistant fabric.

Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Sit-On-Top kayaks are excellent for starting out.

They are very easy to get in and out of and, as the name would recommend, you’re not enclosed within the kayak.

They are perfect for all capabilities and make good kayaks for comfortable environments since you tend to get wet

The main feature with these kayaks is that they are self-draining.

You can also conveniently leap out for a swim or make as many stops as you like along your trip with no hassle.

Tandem kayaks are a great suggestion if you’re planning on heading out on the water with a companion.

This way, you could both share the paddling and appreciate the exact same the trip.

Having two seats does not always mean a larger kayak yet it will suggest you have to remain in sync with your partner in order to paddle successfully and obtain where to where you’re going.

It’s also often feasible to fit a third individual in with you for a family member’s journey, particularly if they’re small or a child.

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are developed for what their name suggests, and they are usually a little wider making them a lot more stable however that also indicate they won’t travel instead as quick on the water.

They also tend to be shorter.

These types of kayaks can be an excellent choice for various uses, as they are relatively flexible and just as matched to fishing as they are too laid-back paddling on the lake.

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I’m Buying A Used Kayak – Just What Should I Look Out For?

Top Quality

Along with selecting the sort of kayak that will be suited to your needs, you need to take into consideration the various factors that can impact the top quality of the kayak.

Deterioration is just one of one of the most common variables that could affect the high quality of a used kayak.

Try to find indications of damage on the stern of the kayak, which can be triggered by being dragged along the ground.

Fractures can also show up on the hull because of individuals sitting in the kayak while it’s on the field.

An additional factor that can influence the top quality and durability of a kayak is sun damage.

Inflatable Kayaks

With the inflatable kayaks, you need to watch out for any part of it that might have been repaired or torn in the past.

Nevertheless, it needs to be okay if it’s been skilfully fixed.

You must also pay attention to the joints of the kayak making sure there is no indicator of damage or tape training.

Used kayaks can offer various devices compared to new ones.

A lot of kayaks have the ability to alter seats, and this can be something that the seller may wish to keep on their own, so it’s much better to check what is offered with the kayak prior to you acquire.

It’s a smart idea to see the items that are going along with the made use of kayak, or if you’re getting online, see to it you see images of the different accessories that are provided.


When buying a made use of kayak, having a look at the vendor is a vital step.

Make sure you interact with them to learn more about the kayak.

Vendors that are experienced in kayaking will be able to provide you extra guidance on the kayak they’re offering and might be more probable to respond to technical inquiries.

If it’s feasible to visit the seller to see the kayak, that can also be a great idea.

You could after that ask if you have the ability to take it out on the water to test it and see if it’s an excellent suitable for you.

If the seller is already situated near the sea, this will naturally be more convenient, and they could be more probable to agree.

The Most Excellent Places For Purchasing Used Kayaks


There are various locations online where you can acquire a utilized kayak, like this group.

By shopping online, you have access to more sellers, which suggests there are extra used kayaks offered.

On the internet marketplaces are an excellent location to begin your search.

Nonetheless, you should consider the expense of delivering the kayak to your residence.

Some vendors in online markets may be in your location and will permit you to accumulate the kayak from them.

On the internet stores or producers might also use kayaks to buy.

More prominent online retailers may also offer a choice of delivery alternatives and if you’re lucky, a warranty or warranty.

Sports Shops

Some sporting activities stores and water sports facilities could sell used kayaks.

This will frequently imply there will be a person on hand in order to help you, who could provide you with their specialist advice if you have any concerns.

You’ll also reach literally evaluate the kayak prior to you buy it.

Flea Markets

If you’re intending on buying a used kayak, you will wish to explore all your choices, and in some cases, you could get a good deal in a flea market.

It’s not, as usual, to see kayaks in flea markets, because of the apparent transportation concerns but, if you live in a water sports neighborhood, it’s not unusual to see kayaks and boat available.

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