Basic Steps You Must Know Before Kayaking The First Time

Nowadays, Kayaking has become more and more popular all over the world.

Although it’s normal for people to rent a kayak and use for the weekend activities, most of them do not know the basic steps of paddling or necessary factors when using the kayak.

With this article, we will try to provide some very important information you might need to know before getting into this sport.

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Wear Your PFD Properly

The first thing to keep in mind when participating in any sport is to ensure your safety. And Kayaking is not an exception.

That being said, you should wear a Personal Floatation Devices (PFD).

It has numerous straps and buckles, and that may confuse beginners.

Knowing how to wear it properly is one thing, beyond that, you should also know how to adjust it to fit your body.

After all of that, you have finished the prerequisite of Kayaking.

More details at here.

Know How to Adjust the Kayak

The next thing you must notice and any kayaker would do is how to set up the kayak correctly.

Having a proper setup with the backrest, foot supports, and thigh braces are the most critical thing and indispensable.

Without that, it will be a lot harder to control the kayak.

How to Get In and Sit on the Kayak

You think that this one is the easiest step of this guide, but not really.

Get into a kayak while it’s on land and while it’s on the water are completely different.

Understanding this step-by-step will save you from getting wet and a lot of other troubles while using the kayak.

How to Hold the Kayak Paddles

Kayaking without learning how to hold the paddles feels like doing some IT things without learning the basic math.

So, always learn how to hold the kayak paddle properly at the start.

The Forward Stroke

Most people misunderstand that paddle is propelled by the arms.

But it’s not, it should be propelled by using the whole body.

By learning how to paddle with the whole body, you will save a lot of stamina, feeling less fatigued, and paddling more efficiently.

How to Exit a Kayak

Last but not least, learning how to get off the kayak is as important as how to get in.

Whether you are going to get wet or not will depend a lot on this step.

So be careful, getting off the kayak improperly can make your awesome journey become a nightmare.

Some Other Tips

  1. Just like any other sport, so you should paddle with your friends to have the best experience.
  2. Enjoy every moment of the journey because the happiest thing is not achieving what we aim for, but what we experience.

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